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4 Types of Over-The-Counter Medicine Every Home Should Have

Everyone gets ill every once in a while.

It’s no big deal as long as we have what we need to take care of it.

However, it can be a great inconvenience if you don’t have any medicine at the ready. You can spend hours and hours on end, agonizing. Not to mention it urges you to take a sick day off from school or work.

Avoid that by making it a habit to stock up your home pharmacy!

Aside from antiseptics, band-aids, and other items, a first aid kit in every household must also contain medication for the treatment of:

  1. Pain, Headaches, Fever Overworking, sprains, sitting still for too long, or too much exercising can lead to body pain. Headaches can usually be attributed to eye strain, lack of sleep or stress. While a fever spikes as the body’s response to an infection, illness, etc.

    Common pain relievers include:

    • Acetaminophen
    • Ibruprofen

    These drugs work to counteract the signal in our body that triggers pain and they also work against fevers. When using pain relievers, avoid taking it with caffeine as it may adversely react with the medication.

  2. Stomachache and Diarrhea 

    Improper food handling is one of the main reasons behind diarrhea.

    Common diarrhea medicine includes:

    • Loperamide
    • Bismuth Subsalicylate

    Anti-diarrheal drugs should not be given to children without the supervision of a healthcare professional.

  3. Allergy or Itching 

    Pollen, dirt, pet dander, dust, and other items are one of the most common items that can cause allergies.

    Common allergy medicine includes:

    • Loratadine
    • Cetirizine
    • Fexofenadine

    Make a note not to take more than one brand of anti-allergy medication (unless instructed otherwise by your doctor) to prevent complications.

  4. Flu, cough or a sore throat 

    The killer combination that knocks us straight back to bed. Viruses and bacteria are the usual culprits behind it.
    The common medication for…

    A cough:

    • Dextromethorphan
    • Guaifenesin

    A runny nose:

    • Phenylephrine

    A sore throat:

    • Dyclonine

    Flu medication should be taken with special care as they could counteract with other medication you may currently be taking.

Before taking or giving any medication to your loved one, be sure to always follow the instructions provided.

Remember! Always check the medication and read the instructions carefully to prevent any harmful effects.

If you are unsure, you can always check in with any Pharmacy in Greensboro, North Carolina. Or you can ask the friendly pharmacists we have at Greensboro Family Pharmacy. We have a great supply of both branded and generic Over-The-Counter Medications in North Carolina!

Tell us what you need and we’ll set it up for you in no time. You can also avail of our delivery services for added convenience!


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