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Effective Ways to Remember Your Medicine

Effective Ways to Remember Your Medicine
For a lot of people, a high number of medicine tablets to take may be easy to forget, especially amidst a rough and busy day. Most people, especially those who are not used to taking medicine at all, may find it difficult to even remember that they have to take their prescribed dosage. So how can one fix this?

Here are some effective ways you can use to remember your medication:

  • Read more about your medicine

    By being knowledgeable about the medicine you’re taking and what it brings to your body and overall health condition, you will be more inclined to take them as you may experience certain pains and discomforts only relieved by your medicine. So it’s best to take the time to read more about each of your medicines.

  • Use pill boxes

    More than compact storage, some pill boxes actually have labels of the days/times you have to take your medication. This is especially beneficial for those who take between 5-8 different tablets a day. You can split your medicine into the different sections for easy remembering.

  • Manual and electronic reminders

    While your pill box with labels can act as a manual reminder, it also helps to carry around with you a schedule of the prescribed dosage of your medication. You can also set alarms on your phone or your analog watch. There are also plenty of applications in today’s technology that can act as reminders.

  • Combine your medication doses with a regular activity

    Combine your medication doses with activity conditions or automatic actions in which you are compelled to take your medication before or after the activity. What most people do is take their medication after they eat (as most medication require a full stomach). Over time, they develop the automatic action that compels them to take medicine after every meal, therefore effectively regularizing their dosage.

  • Ask your doctor

    Your doctor should be concerned with the different aspects of your life as these contribute significantly to your health. It is definitely wise to seek their help to remember your medication. They can also make it easier for you to remember by adjusting certain dosages and adjusting your overall regimen. However, you can’t adjust your medication without a doctor’s prescription so be sure to be open to your doctor about your concerns on remembering to take your medicine.

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