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How to Overcome One’s Worry When Buying Medicine


No matter how old we get, there will always be moments in our lives wherein we panic for a second. We sometimes panic even if it’s something we may have done before. For example, ordering food or calling for a doctor’s appointment. Even though you probably have done it many times before, you still get a bit panicky when doing ‘adult’ things. Standing on your own two feet can be hard for introverts or for people who aren’t used to talking to other people. Here at Greensboro Family Pharmacy, a Pharmacy in Greensboro North Carolina, we want to help our customers as much as we can. We listed down four things that might help someone who has a difficult time facing people.

  • Choose a customer-friendly pharmacy

    Although it might not diminish your apprehension completely, being greeted by smiling faces and a warm disposition can help ease some of your worries. You won’t be afraid to approach the staff and your fear that they won’t accommodate you will be thrown out the window as soon as you step through your doors. A good pharmacy is a pharmacy that helps every customer in any way they can.

  • Bring along a friend when you first buy your medicine

    If you can’t face it alone, bringing along a friend for support can do the trick. A lot of people might shake their heads at this, but people who get anxious know the struggle of facing people. Something as simple as buying medicine can be socially draining for them and we shouldn’t say that it’s an exaggeration. We all have our struggles and we shouldn’t invalidate them just because we don’t see ourselves struggling with it.

  • Don’t forget your prescription!

    Having something to hold on to even though it’s just a piece of paper and knowing what you’re there for is another thing to help you overcome your worry. If it’s not yet your turn to be accommodated by the pharmacists, you can mentally rehearse what you’re going to say if it helps you relax.

  • Ask before buying

    When you see that the pharmacists are friendly, it can prompt you to ask questions regarding your medication. Asking is something that you should do when you pay a visit to a pharmacy so you can know what you’re taking and what would be the possible side effects.

If you’re looking for Over-the-counter Medications in North Carolina, Greensboro Family Pharmacy is the place to go. With over 50 years of experience, we strive to wow our customers with our fast but accurate services. If you’re curious about what we have to offer, just call us at 336-938-0111.


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