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Pharmacy Visit 101: What You Should Know About It


Most people think that the pharmacy is only a place for buying medicine and durable medical equipment. However, that is not completely true. There are many other things you can buy in the pharmacy as well as many other services you can avail. If you are going to visit a pharmacy for your new prescription, here are some of the things you should keep in mind.


    Before you go to the pharmacy, prepare your basic medical information. It is especially helpful if you prepare the information on the prescriptions provided to you by the doctor as well as their respective dosage. If you have been given instructions on prescription refill, prepare that too. This information can help your pharmacist determine what medication to give you as well as when to give them.


    Knowing the reason why you are given a prescription can help the pharmacist get a better grasp on your condition. Of course, the pharmacist can generally determine your condition through the prescription. However, you can better address your pharmacist’s concerns and doubts when you prepare this particular piece of information for them.


    There are cases when the pharmacy in Greensboro North Carolina doesn’t have a stock of the prescription given to you by the doctor. Don’t worry about it though. The pharmacist can provide you with alternative medication that is similar to your prescription. Pharmacists are qualified to suggest alternatives since they are well-informed about the workings of every medicine in their inventory.


    If you unintentionally forgot the dosage prescribed by the doctor and the latter’s handwriting in your written prescription isn’t all that clear, don’t be discouraged. As long as the doctor instructed you about the dosage in writing, no matter how illegible their handwriting may be to you, the pharmacist still has the ability to read it.


    Getting a refill of your prescription is less of a hassle if you go to the same pharmacist every time. It is easier to get refills from the same pharmacist because they already have your medication profile. Sticking to one pharmacist is a good idea too because your medication history can be recorded in one place.


    It should benefit you the most if your medical history is in one place. If your pharmacist runs through your medication history, they may be able to tell if you are at risk for certain ailments. Once they find that, they can then suggest preventative measures for you.

Do not be haphazard when dealing with your medication as well as when choosing a pharmacy. After all, you are the one who will benefit the most if you are meticulous in your decisions. If you are in need of a reliable pharmacy, visit Greensboro Family Pharmacy. You may also call us at 336-938-0111 if you have questions.

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