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Top Items to Stock Up To Prepare for the Flu Season


Preparing for the cold and flu season is given. After all, it will be troublesome if someone in the family catches a cold. For one, it will increase the risk of spreading the virus at home. That should be avoided at all cost. To prepare to fight against cold and flu, here are the top things you should buy beforehand from the pharmacy in Greensboro North Carolina.


    The sinus pain reliever can come in the forms of tablets, liquid or nasal spray. If you prefer to take sinus pain reliever that is in its liquid or tablet form, then look for the medication that has phenylephrine, ephedrine or pseudoephedrine. If you prefer nasal sprays, then it should contain naphazoline, phenylephrine, xylometazoline or oxymetazoline.


    If you catch the flu, it is inevitable that you will run a fever or will suffer from joint pains. Thus, it is important to stock up on pain relievers and fever relievers as well. Ibuprofen, acetylsalicylic acid or acetaminophen are the ingredients to look for when checking the label of the over-the-counter medications in North Carolina pharmacy.


    It is difficult to sleep at night when you have a cold due to the airflow blockage in your nose and chest. Thus, it is highly recommended to pack chest congestion reliever into your medicine cabinet as well. Chest congestion relievers with the ingredient guaifenesin should be the ideal choice for you to have.


    A dry cough can be torturous. Especially when you are coughing to the point of dry heaving, you will feel pain in your chest. Having a dry cough reliever in handy should help you get through your dry cough. Dry cough relievers with the ingredient called dextromethorphan are good. It can also be the ingredient codeine.


    There are many other types of relievers available in the pharmacy. You have the one used to provide relief for a runny nose. There are also those relievers for itchy eyes and sneezing. Lozenges are tasty options for relief when you are dealing with a sore throat.


    Of course, you don’t only pack relievers in your medicine cabinet. Stocking up on other items that are useful during the cold and flu season is a good idea. These items include a thermometer, heat pads, tissues with moisturizer/lotion, and hand sanitizer.

These are just some of the things to stock up on when you want to prepare your home against cold and flu. If you need help with stocking up or if you have further questions, Greensboro Family Pharmacy can be of help to you. Don’t hesitate to talk to our pharmacist by calling us at 336-938-0111.

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