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What the Different DME Can Do for You

What the Different DME Can Do for You
DME, or durable medical equipment, are equipment of a therapeutic nature that primarily serve a medical purpose. They cannot be used by anyone without a health condition that requires it. It is necessary that a physician requires the DME, is appropriate for home use, and can be used repeatedly.

But what exactly do we know about the different durable medical equipment available around us? What are the specific benefits of these devices?

Here is a piece of vital information about the most common durable medical equipment:

  • Blood sugar monitors – Blood sugar monitors aid in managing diabetes. Being able to self-monitor your blood sugar gives you the necessary information to determine what medication to take, or if you should take them.

  • Diabetes/glucose test strips – Similar to blood sugar monitors, these test strips help manage diabetes. It is activated by placing blood on the test strip.

  • Canes – Canes facilitate walking, especially for those with walking difficulties or impairments.

  • Commode chairs – Commode chairs are primarily for people who have difficulty going to the toilet due to certain health conditions. These chairs can also aid their transport to the bathroom.

  • Continuous passive motion (CPM) machine – These machines are primarily used to extend and flex the knee joint. It is often used by those who have experienced leg injuries and have had to undergo replacement surgery. It helps prevent stiffness and the development of scar tissue.

  • Crutches – Similar to canes, crutches aid those who have walking impairments. Crutches allow the weight supposedly carried by one or both legs to be transferred, therefore lessening the tension and impact on them.

  • Nebulizer – Nebulizers primarily deliver drugs to a person through the form of a mist inhaled through the lungs. It is often used by people who have asthma and other respiratory difficulties.

  • Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) – This device allows mild air pressure to continuously flow into airways of people who need to keep their airways open due to the inability to breathe on their own. This is commonly used by people with sleep apnea and by people with other respiratory concerns.

These are only some of the durable medical equipment available to us today. It is important for us to know the necessary information about them so that we may pin them down to their purpose and handle them accordingly. Remember, these are equipment made to aid people with certain health conditions. With health, there can be no compromise.

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